About us

The KGC Group at Keller Williams is dedicated to providing a client-first driven model which starts with our clients’ needs first and focuses on the real estate as the means to a desirable end. With multiple asset class disciplines under our belt we pride ourselves in achieving extraordinary results across the spectrum of commercial real estate properties.

Whether you have a retail storefront or strip center, a large lot with development potential, an owner-user industrial building or simply looking to expand your apartment portfolio the KGC group has the proven track record to successful tackle complex real estate challenges with a custom tailored approach to maximize value and achieve superior results.

Keller Williams has over 790 offices in 49 states in the U.S. as well as offices in 24 countries and regions around the world.

Office Locations

Our Process

We Start with a Simple Meeting – No Strings Attached!

A pertinent part of our process is to meet and have a stress free environment in which we can openly discuss challenging topics.

Understand the Asset

We gather operational data for your property. In this stage we want to know the historical and current performance of the asset as well as any ongoing issues. Transparency is encouraged as our approach is based on understanding challenges and not cloaking problems.

We Do our Homework

Armed with data and information we go back to the lab and conduct our homework. Our goal in this stage is to diagnose and analyze your unique scenario from every which angle and determine the highest and best approach to recommend.

Present Our Findings

We meet again to present our findings. In many cases the material we present require hours of research, critical thought and solutions that are offered in an aesthetically pleasing and professional package. During this stage we discuss strategy and market positioning. Together we scrutinize the data, market conditions, prospective buyer viewpoints and ways to achieve the highest value for your property.

Exclusive Representation & Marketing

Once comfortable with price and terms, you sign and put us to work as your exclusive representatives and brokers. At that moment we establish a fiduciary duty to represent you with high honor and dedication to the marketing methodology outlined in our meeting.

Gather Offers – Report Results

As we implement the marketing plan offers and interest will accrue and depending on the volume and pace of interest we will report back and present all offers in an organized and professional summary, ensuring that each prospective Buyer has been vetted so that you can make a calculated business decision based on facts and strength of each buyer and their offer.

Best & Final

Some instances may warrant a Best & Final strategy, which is designed to encourage only the most competitive Buyers remain at the table and compete against one another, creating a competitive bidding environment for your asset.

Purchase Agreement

Negotiating the best terms, conditions and avoiding vulnerabilities is of utmost importance when preparing a Purchase Agreement. Together with the guidance of your legal counsel we will help to ensure your position is well protected and represented.

Escrow Process

When escrow is opened we enter with eyes wide open. Timelines and dereliction of duty can create legal pitfalls which we help our clients avoid by all means possible, while ensuring Buyers stay focused on abiding by their promised actions and move forward to a smooth and successful closing. This stage involves careful and strategic orchestration of multiple parties with varying interests and we are deeply involved in monitoring all stages to ensure our clients’ interests remain at the forefront and unobstructed.

Closing & 1031 Exchanges

In many cases, a successful closing is only the start of the hunt for an upleg property in a 1031 exchange. While we encourage our clients to use all means necessary to secure an upleg property, many clients are so impressed with our listing results that they will elect to hire us as their Buyer representative to assist with the intense search for an appropriate exchange asset.

Kirk Garabedian

Director, Commercial Property Investments

Kirk Garabedian is Director of Commercial Property Investments at KW Commercial since 2015.  Prior to that, Kirk was an Associate Vice President at Marcus & Millichap since 2005. With nearly 15-years of experience Kirk has been involved in the closing, transacting and the evaluation of nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of commercial real estate.

Kirk specializes in complex transactions throughout Los Angeles County, with experience throughout Southern California and parts of the United States spanning the spectrum of asset classes.  Kirk’s product specializations include private-client level retail, industrial, office, multi-family apartments and land development.

Kirk has extensive knowledge in properties with high vacancy challenges, deferred maintenance issues, undesirable lease encumbrances, underutilized land and non-credit tenancy; successfully marrying appropriate debt-instruments to these unconventional assets has helped Kirk’s clients earn a significant premium in value.  A premium which is multiplied through a 1031 exchange.  Kirk is an expert in helping clients successfully execute a 1031-tax deferred exchange, as most of his sales encounter exchange scenarios with constrained time tables and must-meet deadlines.

Kirk’s creativity plus patient tenacity has helped his clients navigate the most complex scenarios, while enjoying the process and building a lifelong client-broker friendship.

Kirk is a graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business. He is married and has two young daughters.